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BOPP Bag & Pouches
Maintaining high quality standards, our BOPP Bags and BOPP pouches are known for high transparency, clarity, better tensile strength and durability.Our BOPP pouches suit best for the food and beverage industry. These products are very cost-effective and are available in unique and trendy styles. Our range is manufactured from:

These can be easily modified in accordance with client necessity and is extensively used in:

Laminated Bags & Pouches
We manufacture a wide range of Laminated Bags and Pouches. These are of premium quality having long lasting durability. Our transparent pouches help companies showcase their products while still they are packed safely whereas bags are used for packaging garments and other commodities of such kind.

Our laminated bags and pouches not only provide visibility for the products, but also companies can repack the items after display as they come with reusable adhesive tapes. A lot of international and national brands have been using our products due to the unique advantages like transparency, printing strength, availability, durability etc.

Display Bags & Pouches
Our Display Bags and Pouches are made to display products that are packed inside the bags and pouches and to showcase it more prominently. These are made from premium quality transparent plastic. They are resealable and are attached together to make a set of multiple pieces.

Customer Shopping Bags
Our consumer plain shopping plastic bags are eco friendly and can be used to carry a wide variety of materials. Water resistant and leak proof, they are not only convenient to carry but are also durable and low in cost. Available in various colourful prints, our printed plastic bags act as a complete moisture barrier and safeguard the items kept within. Made from specially treated bio degradable plastic, they are also competitively priced and light in weight.

LD, HM, PP Bags
We manufacture LD bags in different dimensions. These bags are extensively used for packaging of the degradable and other products. Being durable, they provide the needed protection of the products avoiding spillage, spoilage, infestation, etc.

PP Handle Bags
PP handle Bags are water resistant, durable and tear resistant. According to customer the bags will be designed with various sizes. These PP bags are suitable for carrying heavy shopping, travelling and storage with excellent printings.

These handle bags has ability to stand vertically due to it unique construction. It is easy recognition, when kept in a pile of bags.

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